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Aww come on guys, give this some perspective here. Currently there are three seeders and 144 downloaders. Even assuming each of the seeders is uploading at 60kbps each that's only 180kpbs of new data to be spread out between the downloaders. The downloaders themselves are of course adding their own bandwidth into the swarm for pieces they have, but most of them don't have much if any of it yet because of the previously mentioned seeding speeds.

Give it a chance guys, people are doing what they can. I'm only downloading at 5kbps at the moment on a 20Mbps connection but I'm uploading what I have back out at 60kbps+ so far I've uploaded nearly 5GB on this torrent alone and only have about 1.2GB of it myself, everyone is doing their bit, sit back and be patient and it will come.

Thanks to the uploader, looking forward to watching this one and will continue to seed it for a considerable time after I have it.

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