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truex wrote:

I've talked to him and he couldn't have been nicer. Then again I'm not surprised someone took a jab at you.

Don't be jealous of Dave and Stevie's success.

You started a new account to say that?

Well assuming you're not Dave standing up for himself, here's my answer :

Dave was perfectly fine a couple of years ago when asking me for a sample of Face it Alone, which I happily sent to him unconditionally.  Almost sounded grateful, actually!

Now that's not at all disingenuous, is it?  Acting nice to someone you don't like in order to get an mp3 of a song you don't have? 

Then I post a JOKE comment on one of his videos ... (seriously, I was only kidding)  and he writes abusive nonsense to me and my nephew in about 3 different media.  I tried my best to make him understand that we were only jesting (and that he shouldn't be so egotistical about his 'success' because it only revolves around uploading other people's content with next-to-no actual editing involved)  and he continues to be abusive.

He can be proud of his millions of video views; but I've got those too, and I didn't get it by being a Queen jukebox.  He shouldn't knock people who are better at creating videos than he is - end of story.   I'll be frank with you - I couldn't be *less* jealous.

And knowing that he doesn't want to respond to anything I say, I'll say it again : Dave, we're sorry you took our comment seriously.  It wasn't malicious.  Your reaction says volumes, though.