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John S Stuart wrote:

I know that the safety masters have been kept - so there is no way that they could be seperated back into different "bits" from that tape (as a safety master is a copy of the finally mixed album).

However, if all the original tapes still survived - then this task would not be too difficult, but as this is not the case, then I suppose that by hearing this track - I can at least now imagine how "Brigton Rock" may have sounded without it.

A safety copy is just a further transfer of a recording for backup. The term "safety copy" doesn't transmit any information in regards to whether such a tape is a backup of a multitrack or a stereo mixdown recording.
The fact that Killer Queen has been re-mixed for 5.1 also confirms they have multitrack sources for the album. I can't remember what it was on - but when referring to the Bo Rap multitrack they worked from for 5.1, it was commented that the tape didn't feature the tape cuts that were made, and the section that were stuck on etc that were present on the true multitrack master - which suggests they also used a safety copy of the multitracks for that.