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I am  shure that  Mercury  sang  sung  Freddom  Train  Back to  the light, Driven  by you Nazis, Phantom  of  opera, Power to love,  Contact, Fredoom train, Resurrection, Just  one  life. Members of  Queen  hidden  many   songs  with  voice  of  his  leader, why ?   but  they  had  four  years    of  very intensive  work  with  Freddie  before  his life. They  recorded much  more. Freddie Mercury  recorded  songs from  solo albums of  Roger Taylor  and  Brian May for  example  Happiness Back to the light M,  Blue Rock, Mad  bad  and  dangerous  you know and Fun  in  space, Strange  frontier, Shove it. There  is  a lot  of  unpublished  songs  with voice  of  Freddie Mercury  from  album  Happines, Back to  the light, I think  that  Roger  Brian  and Roger  recorded  many  songs   from 1988 to 1991 year

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