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I think that Queen recorded from 200 to 400 songs (from January 1988 to November 1991).I am sure. They had many songs with vocal of Freddie Mercury from album Fun in space, Strange frontier, Shove it, Mad bad and dangerous to know, Blue rock, Back to the light and Happiness. I am wonder that Freddie sang (sung) the song " New dark ages" in 1991. Brian and Roger became to selfish. I like this guys because they created great music. They are pure champions of the Rock music and greatest composers. Freddie Mercury had extraordinary voice (vocal). He was the creating spirit of the Queen band . Maybe he was homosexual but I don't care.His music and talent is important Nazis performed by Freddie is similar to Innuendo. Queen is not exist from 24th of November 1991. Brian John and Roger should release (published) the songs with Freddie Mercury vocal for example Heartland, Nazis, Contact, Shove it, Man on fire, Freedom train, Happiness, Resurrection, Just one life, My old friends, Old men, Foreign sand, Strange frontier, Fun in space, No violins, Loneliness, I am scared, Since have been gone,There is time fore heroes,Let me out, New dark ages, Final destination, Millionaire, Back to the light, Driven by you, God (dream is over), Banana blues, Annual penguin show, Saddest clown, Rack time piano (Joe), I was in hell and back,No violins, My secret fantasy, Robbery, Assassin, Face it alone, Lost opportunity, Africa by night, Phantom of opera, Nobody understands me, Music of the night, Rock it, Creatures of the night, Cowboys and Indians, Abandon fire, Bad attitude,Hand of fools, The dark, Let you heart rule your head, Rolling over, Friends in pain, Theme from New York, New York, Money can't buy happiness, New York, Power to love . Why Roger and Brian? Debbie Lang i don't like her vocal in the clip Cowboy and Indians and Contact. She is very proud dominated (dominating) and selfish person. I don't like her. Roger was obey to Debbie Lang in the past . I am sure. Members of Queen band wasted 20 years after Freddie Mercury's death excluded Made in Heaven in 1995 ( very beautiful album) . But Made in heaven is not last album.

You are a fool.