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Here is a torrent of the megaupload Olivier shared here a few weeks ago (I'm a bit slow this time!):

Thanks again to Rob for recording the original tapes and Olivier for sharing this output from Uxbridge :))

Here are Olivier's notes:

This is Uxbridge's version of the tape Rob gently made for us 33 years ago. Sure you were already thinking to Queenzone Rob ;o).

Here is the master copy Rob gently shared with us :
rapidshare :
torrent :
You can read Rob's comments in the previous threads, and nice comments and information on

Directly from the silvers.
Lineage : A DAY AT THE GARDEN (silvers) > WAV (EAC) > Flac level 8 (Traders' Little Helper)

Tracklisting :
CD1 :
01. Ogre Battle
02. White Queen (As It Began)
03. Somebody To Love
04. Killer Queen
05. The Millionaire Waltz
06. You're My Best Friend
07. Bring Back That Leroy Brown
08. Sweet Lady
09. Brighton Rock (incl. guitar solo)

CD2 :
01. '39
02. You Take My Breath Away
03. White Man
04. The Prophet's Song
05. Bohemian Rhapsody
06. Stone Cold Crazy
07. Keep Yourself Alive
08. Liar
09. In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited
10. Now I'm Here
11. Big Spender
12. Jailhouse Rock
11. God Save The Queen

FFps :
; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on July 14, 2010, at 20:11:09
CD1\01. Ogre Battle.flac:2a4e5941c27cc4682bb63f3c59fca633
CD1\02. White Queen.flac:308b650a6602808af878ccf6c4a205ca
CD1\03. Somebody To Love.flac:4a97f85766a9f7c4f1682d76e738a0ec
CD1\04. Killer Queen.flac:d8546fe5498252b6a6d69fd05ab7054a
CD1\05. The Millionaire Waltz.flac:e0d7f202d7a5355953dca1686fe717c0
CD1\06. You're My Best Friend.flac:004f4252db846923ae2ac40b1e46d9c1
CD1\07. Bring Back That Leroy Brown.flac:cc75a8027523575ecf57efaeeae088cc
CD1\08. Sweet Lady.flac:012f79bee99cf72b7817850f4fe56571
CD1\09. Brighton Rock (incl. guitar solo).flac:1d9debb7a52208c9e7dbfdb36fef5e04
CD2\01. 39.flac:062090029a565ed528a1c3b1129e120a
CD2\02. You Take My Breath Away.flac:56d7a77d79c3395de02b7a2683d26032
CD2\03. White Man.flac:4a6789aac1e85af0d443f1a43487ecc7
CD2\04. The Prophet's Song.flac:221eeb4f2dfc2efb76376af178ba4a18
CD2\05. Bohemian Rhapsody.flac:376f40c4fc1884d88d775ff7d654a86a
CD2\06. Stone Cold Crazy.flac:813112d0b5d1f7569456c79abb0aa9c2
CD2\07. Keep Yourself Alive.flac:3482de2c5f9b9ff574e86714686332d7
CD2\08. Liar.flac:304618a578a6d34220f13695600a4014
CD2\09. In The Lap Of The Gods Revisited.flac:cd8a7fc9cd03d90e4c0040ff234368da
CD2\10. Now I'm Here.flac:6c3ba02afc7d0f357af002d4cfc2fc37
CD2\11. Big Spender.flac:57190f0a68333e75b3567c1456a8b5f1
CD2\12. Jailhouse Rock.flac:300692f3431425becfb47b3a94c0ef90
CD2\13. God Save The Queen.flac:b7d5a6f602b612779c59726a607f1304

Size : 560 MB.  Artwork is included!

Please keep lossless files lossless, and if this goes dormant please bump it and a good Queenzoner will surely seed it back to life.

Good download and enjoy!

You will need a bittorrent client to download the music. For additional information, view the Bittorrent FAQ.

Please leave your window open when you have finished downloading so that other Queen fans can download.

This file will be customized for you when you download

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Thanks Ginger

A good friend as always :-D

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Thanks to Ruth Oliiver and to Ginger.

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Thank You!!

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