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queenUSA wrote: Okay check out this performance of WWRY on Top of the Pops Nov 3rd 1977.

at :17  what makes Freddie look skyward?  What is he thinking?  

My caption for Freddie to go along with this moment:   1)  "I hate that clown who barely introduced us!"   

Share your own caption to his thoughts at this moment.  What was he thinking about?

hiya, it looks like a bit of stage business. extreme closeup turns face into a stage or screen in this case. Like rising the curtain at start of the song, it punctuates what's to come (from blank look to very emotive, just as the song swings from quiet reflection to celebratory pathos.) you see liza doing similar things with her eyes in cabaret, though not exactly the same:

compared to the (rather primitive) "come hither" eyes in Killer Queen @ TOTP (nevermind the going through motions on Las Palabras De Amor), this shows nice bit of progress for maturing into the role of a star who holds down screen & audience attention. Not that it's a new thing in 20th century stardom (ingrid bergman had a similar moment of suspense in Notorious i think), but off-hand i can't think of jagger or bowie's foray in movies or music video that maintained this segue from a study of performer's face, to the body in his stage environment (& relating to his band of costars) so seamlessly, thriving in setting of 2 different moods & context yet remains continuous in intensity as our focal point.

alas freddie didn't do any movies so he lacks a Performance or Man Who Fell From Earth for non-(music) fans that works as easy iconic reference. (thank god for the ermine/crown then.) maybe the calls stopped after they saw the "acting" in Calling All Girls LOL.
a bit fussy but it intrigued me;)