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thomasquinn 32989 wrote:

The Fairy King wrote:

Well shucks, if you don't like the gay theme i would stay away from most of Freddie's songs pal.

Just because a person is gay it doesn't mean all their songs are about being gay. It's just more confirmation bias because most lyrics are inherently ambiguous. See the masses of nonsense written about Boh. Rhap.

Seriously Caspar? You of all people? :')
Did i say all his songs are about being gay? No.
Do i believe that his "lifestyle" gives us carte blanche to interpret it on other levels than the obvious. Yes.

And i am one of those people that believe Bo Rhap is about him killing off his "straight" side and coming out. It ain't rocket science. It's a bit naive to say his "lifestyle" didn't influence the lyrical content of his songs.

All of it? No. But A LOT were. >:D

We love you Mandy!