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thomasquinn 32989 wrote:

The Fairy King wrote:

thomasquinn 32989 wrote:

The Fairy King wrote:

Well shucks, if you don't like the gay theme i would stay away from most of Freddie's songs pal.

Just because a person is gay it doesn't mean all their songs are about being gay. It's just more confirmation bias because most lyrics are inherently ambiguous. See the masses of nonsense written about Boh. Rhap.

Seriously Caspar? You of all people? :')
Did i say all his songs are about being gay? No.
Do i believe that his "lifestyle" gives us carte blanche to interpret it on other levels than the obvious. Yes.

And i am one of those people that believe Bo Rhap is about him killing off his "straight" side and coming out. It ain't rocket science. It's a bit naive to say his "lifestyle" didn't influence the lyrical content of his songs.

All of it? No. But A LOT were. >:D

I'm not saying that he doesn't have songs that are, on some level, about being gay. The point behind my post is simply that if you *can* interpret a song in a particular way, even without manhandling the lyrics and in a way that makes some reasonable degree of sense with regards to the author, that does not automatically mean the author had that exact intention with the lyrics.

I personally think that, at least before the late 1970s, Freddie did not consciously use homosexuality as a topic because he was not quite comfortable with it himself. It did probably subconsciously slip into his lyrics, but the question is to what extent that counts as true symbolism.

I am of the opinion that it is very easy to read symbolism that was not intended into any literary work, especially poetry, because it is inherently ambiguous - interpretable in many ways. Deducing psychology from poetry is a very risky thing to do, IMHO.

So, in summary: I don't think you can dismiss homosexuality as a theme in Freddie's writing offhand, but similarly, I don't think you can assume it on the sole basis of his lifestyle. I consider a prostitute more likely than a gay man more likely in this case. Freddie might even have identified with this fictional prostitute, but I do think he considered her a woman.

Empathy my dear Caspar. :D

I must say in the early nineties, when i started listening and getting the albums i interpreted the songs differently. Over the years i gained more knowledge of the backstory and the person, the interpretations changed drastically. Like it had added a few layers.

You can't deny the gayfactor, because artists tend to draw from struggle and this was for him a huge part of his personality in those days. When the guy came out he sang about emancipation and celebration. When he lost another lover, he wrote a ballad. Very black and white i know, but just a tool to illustrate my point. Humour me.

Would also like to add that i watch documentaries, read stories and biographies with a healthy amount of scepsis.

We love you Mandy!