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Chinwonder2 wrote:

Ok, sorry Bob, I'll private it for another week or more, would that be ok?


Like I said, I'm not the police here. I'm more the guy in the corner with the clipboard making suggestions.

My personal wishes are irrelevant. I'm just thinking about the taper, the transferrer, and the seeder.

A few of us are trying to obtain a raw transfer of the master, since this one was hiss reduced. The owner of the tape might say no because "why does the Queen community care about a raw transfer if they've already put it on youtube?"

Nobody's stopping anyone from making an mp3 copy and posting it anywhere they want. But it's just maybe not the best course of action at this point.

You can go up to a veteran on veteran's day, give them a quarter, and take all the poppies. It's legal, but it doesn't make it right.

Up to you, man.

I'm just here to provide a point of view that some people may not have thought of.

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