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Nitroboy wrote:

I uploaded the Landover '78 show a day or two after you shared it Bob.
I suppose it draws attention to the show, and a lot of people ask where it can be obtained, at which point we (the uploaders on YouTube) can direct people to sites like DIME etc., so they can get the lossless recordings. I suppose that's sort of a win/win? :o

Well, that's me - I personally didn't mind. And I agree with that method of spreading awareness.

But I have also seen my fair share of old curmudgeon tapers who literally would have burned the rest of their Queen masters to teach people a lesson.

It's a whole side of things that people don't see if their activity is limited to places like Queenzone and youtube. Ever read the Freezer's Revenge thread on The Traders' Den? These things usually happen in private, but we're lucky enough to have this up for posterity. Skimming any random few pages of that 500 page thread is essential for any music collector, and should have any sane minded individual thinking twice before potentially pissing off a taper.

Hell, I've seen tapers punish collecting communities because their tapes got bootlegged - at no fault of the community, yet the community gets punished. So you'd better believe that actions of the community can have consequences. I can name at least three Queen tapes that will forever remain uncirculated for these reasons.

But you don't have to take my word for it. I've only been doing this for about 20 years ;)

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