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For personal reasons, as well as the quality, I rate this easily in the top ten of Queen bootlegs, top five for audience recordings.

To start, Detroit audiences are arguably the best RnR crowds. I get a special thrill when I hear Freddie greet the city. His vocals are top notch this night, with the whole band in top form. Good to have a different set list than the European tour (other than 'Stone Cold Crazy' being absent).

Highlights of note (and there are many more):
'Somebody To Love', 'It's Late', some Freddie BVs in IILWMCar (along with a great version), a BBC-ish version of 'Spread Your Wings', 'My Melancholy Blues', 'Love of My Life' without the audience participation, and John's shining moments in 'Liar'.

(my wife loves 'Liar' and the BBC 'SYW'. Played this in the car yesterday, and the volume was as loud as anytime she's been in the car with me, at her request.)

The best: the ending of the concert proper with 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and 'Tie Your Mother Down'. Queen concerts could be confusing at times, so I love how the crowd reacts during BoRhap's taped middle, and how it drowns out the band when it reappears. One gets a true sense of just what it was like for most who had no idea what the live presentation of this song had become.

Love the reactions and energy during 'Tie Your Mother Down'.

There are some hiccups in this transfer, as well as one noticeable one by Freddie during WATC. Guaranteed that no one who was present that night heard it. And though it is incomplete, I simply added the Copenhagen encores at the end. A fair fit, and since Freddie simply says 'Good night, sweet dreams', it works.

I saw the II, ANATO, ADATR, Jazz, Game, Hot Space tours. There was no way I could work that Saturday morning and go to a MUST football game after, and see either show 150 miles away. Always regretted missing this one, but now have this superb audio.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who provided this very special concert for us.

As one audience member said, 'Rock and Roll !!!' ;-)

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