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@Chief Mouse

Just a quick suggestion...

For the promo clips would it be possible to add about 5 seconds of leader blank video at the start or use the cover to the single which they used in the original Flix DVD?
The reason I ask is when playing directly from either of my NAS drives it can take between 3-5 seconds for it to 'stabilise' before i see any pic or hear any audio.
It does this with ALL video clips, including my own home videos (not just the Queen stuff). I'm sure other NAS users have a similar issue?

I've tried adding my own inserts but am having trouble joining the clips seamlessly especially when you add a remuxed DTS audio track into the mix and if it's 'non compliant'!
It would be easier for users to remove the leader for those who didnt want it than lioke me trying to add it!

Unless you can suggest a way of doing it?
I have all the usual 'muxer tools' and some commercial apps etc but they are fussy about and usually require a re-encode .

Many thanks