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Hi. Longtime reader first time caller,...

I had recently bought an autographed copy of an old golden age Sci-fi writer paperback. It had about 12 short stories and funnily enough was also signed by the guy who wrote DUNE (*this was overlooked by the seller)
Thing is. It WAS a dime store variation from the era and does have numerous typos. Towards the end of a CLIFFORD DIMAK story i believe it's missing either a sentence or an entire paragraph. So here's my question.

Does anybody on QZ know of any useable TRUSTED locations for downloading old books in PDF FORMAT?

I don't have kindle nor do i have EPUB. I also don't wish to subscribe. They used to be plentiful back in the day simply by searching a title and or combination of free pdf etc.

Is anyone aware of a trusted site by which to download em? I got back to the subject again since it seemed incomplete

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