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Speaking only for myself, and in my true experience, Free Mental is still much better than Expensive, Shady, Double dealing, Viral WIMPS. As you rightly observed, there is something terribly wrong with this whole situation we find ourselves. It is lopsided and topsy-turvy in that neither is your conduct nor ours(mine) truly becoming and worthy of each other. If anything at all this only convinces me and drives the point home even further that decked and covered in finery, true ugliness is still ugliness, and clothed in rags true beauty is still beauty. Speaking only for myself again, perhaps we(at least one of us)choose(s) to sincerely believe in and therefore to diligently practice a different set of values and earnestly try(ies) to embody a different set of principles, seek(s) a different form of beauty and a different rags to riches transformation, which in my case at least, would be one which money cannot afford to buy, if money was even worth itself ever at all, to begin with.This viewpoint and agenda ,if it is not the exact opposite of, is still comparatively different from and dissimilar to your own highly canvassed, widely circulated, much publicized and loudly broadcast banality for an opinion, and worth contending for just as much by it's believers, as your own efforts at furthering your own ignominious cause, pursuing your own greedy and selfish interests to make money and exploiting and unduly taking advantage of every gullibility and sacrificing every innocent, which is what I think is truly shameful, cowardly and disgraceful. Even though tastes and standards differ, none of us can deny the truth to choice, cultivation, growth and development, in their regard, and as they say to each their own.