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EMI2565 user not visiting
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Ale Solan wrote:

EMI2565 wrote:

It will continue to be a "big playground" as long as Gerrystar/Paul Prenter/ Lamebert are allowed to continue. I am well aware you fellas hate this gimmick and think I'm spamming too, but this is a genuine attempt at frustrating the trolls and keeping them as contained as possible. I'm not the dick I might look like, I promise. Probably why admins have left it alone while Prenter and Lamebert accounts bit the dust fairly quickly.

You're just another fucking troll.

I'm not just another fucking troll Ale. This is a parody account of Gerry's (also calling himself EMI2565) simply made to try and drive the nutters out.

It didn't take PaulPrenter aka Lamebert (who might also be Gerry) to blow his top and eventually get banned, so it might just working. Bear with it. I have no issues with you man.