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MercurialFreddie wrote:

I can't see Freddie recording something till the end and discarding it totally. I'm sure he was proud of some of the tracks and you can clearly see it in the interview with Wigg, even though we knew that he got bored and probably the amount of work overwhelmed him (as stated by Mack)

Maybe we should give Starfleet the same treatment Mr Bad Guy got in the movie ? For me, musically, it has some great tracks and all the Queen members supported FM in that project.

He was proud of Mr Bad Guy, surely, later on he realised it was shit lol

What has Starfleet to do with Mr Bad Guy? Completely different stuff. Starfleet was mainly recorded live in the studio, it has that raw energy that kind of recording gives you. It's rock and it's blues. And it's a great EP, not even an album.

On the other hand, Mr Bad Guy was a clumsy attempt to create an album. Freddie wanted his own "Thriller", he thought he could do it alone. MJ had over 60 people behind him, composers, producers, etc etc. That's why Thriller was the most selling record worldwide.

Freddie felt omnipotent and thought he could do it without Queen. Critics and record sales proved him wrong.

Lyrically, Mr Bad Guy it has some nice pieces. Living on my own was a #1 but that's all. Musically? Overall, pure shit.

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