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This is the first time I've "replied" to ANYTHING as a newbie on Queenzone (but I'm a virtual scholar re: Queen, dears, and I mean that literally, too: on I'm the #3 Queen "scholar", and a fairly new unpaid editor, so it's thanks to the soundtrack for the Bo-Rap biopic and the more recent live albums-Rainbo and Odeon).

So where's the post re: John's fondness for strippers substantiated as perhaps a catalyst to KQ's lyrics? Because it's impossible and improbable at the time "Killer Queen" was written/recorded. This has probably been noted:
Obviously Freddie was already pissed off at the Trident guys ("Flick of the Wrist": Killer Queen was supposed to be a double A-side, but by default "Flick of the Wrist" was relegated to a B-side, which I find kind of ironic, given it's ...).

Certainly somewhere in this forum someone has written about how Freddie felt "pimp'd out" by management, even BEFORE Killer Queen became a hit. So of course, four well-educated CLASSY rock musicians were essentially, or soon would be (more-so?) at the time make a "killing" financially, but not reap the benefits. However, KQ is way too playful lyrically for this connotation. "Flick of the Wrist" is NOT. Again, however, Freddie's famous quote about "classy people" I believe has more depth and is less flippant than it seems, because I do think he was sending a message to Queen's "financial mis-managers" at the time. Fact checkers, holders of substantive knowledge: lend me your replies!

Genius lyrics allows "contributors" and "editors" and others "annotate" lines and/or groups of lines from song lyrics with regard to their meaning. I used this to go-to-town on my own fun interpretation of "Killer Queen", and was able to turn it into a "bio" on the song (given its inclusion on Bo-Rap's soundtrack), for FUN: