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I was thinking similar thoughts here Dysan. I am a huge Radiohead fan and have been since they first appeared. I have heard the rips and to me it is fascinating as it shows how much songs were developed from demos to finished products as well as so many unreleased songs. It is an absolute treasure trove. It is interesting to fans. And the first thing I thought of was I wonder if there is Queen material sitting around in a similar digital format that one day could see the light of day (would never officially be released obviously). As for Radiohead, I don't think they've commented on the leak yet.

But I guess it also gets me thinking that with the insane interest of these leaks and how excited people were to hear them I wonder if artists/record companies may actually think to dig a bit deeper in releasing these types of rarities when they do special edition/anniversary edition releases. Give the real fans what they want.