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I should imagine most of the masters are lost if these were archived back in the late 90s (being MD I imagine they were). At the very least a total ball ache to compile again against the clock.
An HQ rip from those original MDs would be fine unless you're a cat or only judge quality by looking at waveforms / post on the Hoffman forum :)

The idea of keeping them in the original as-ripped chunks suggests it's what we have already.

Like Real Wizard I really wish I was more into them (that said, if this came out in '96 '97 I'd be all over them). I feel a bit 'emperor's new clothes' with Radiohead. Posh boys who got lucky in time and career?

Although to be honest there's not many artist I'd patiently listen to this kind of leak all the way through and be able to spot snippets of obscure songs and know what they were / what they became. Queen / Bowie / Suede / Sparks / Velvets.

A shame they are giving the money to Extinction Rebellion. Although I guess most of their fans are now firmly entrenched in the lefty-but-do-nothing camp so will cheer the decision.

Either way, it's a fantastic story, especially the whole way it's come about. Nuts.

And makes me proud to also have an archive of about 40 minidisc of my demos and out takes. I doubt I'll be blackmailed for them though :D