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The Real Wizard wrote:

Rick wrote:

Muse > Radiohead

I like Muse more than Radiohead myself. Black Holes And Revelations is my favourite album of the last 20 years. But we can't deny the influence Radiohead has had on popular music - it is massive.

OK Computer is a Mason-Dixon line which everything after it was measured, rendering pretty much everything else to be irrelevant. It changed everything. Thom Yorke developed an allergic reaction to the pop hook 20 years ago, yet they remain the most critically acclaimed artists of our generation. Nobody else is operating at that level. Maybe Kendrick Lamar.

I don't 'get' their music. That is my biggest problem. Mark Hollis did some similar music after their commercial period. The late 80s/early 90s period of Talk Talk is seen as their best, but here I have the same issue: I can't get into this kind of music, because it is too complicated almost.

Muse has done some odd stuff as well of course, like Forced In, Micro Cuts, Recess etc. But here I don't have the problem, because it is still easy listening somehow (clear structures, melodies etc.) Plus, I like Matt's voice way more than Thom's.

Burn the Witch is a stellar track btw, I have to be honest about that.

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