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A note about hipsters. I think it's this album that is responsible for the hipster. At the time it was all the 18 year old indie Kevins and Emilys buying it and noting how clever it all was. Around the same time they gave into their long held puzzlement of Stereolab and became chin strokers. Kevin indie grew a beard and you can now see him aged 40 discussing real ale and incredible obscure jazz records that listening to OK Computer made him see a connection between the Pulp and Shed Seven records of his youth and the dark underground of his weird uncle John's record collection.

Emily Indie now has 4 children and is married to an accountant in Oxfordshire. She doesn't listen to much these days beyond radio 2 ('it's just better!') and occasionally goes to see Spice Girls and Ariana Grande shows with her pals in the frumpy mums network. She sometimes finds her old OK Computer tape and remembers the days of staring at her Thom Yorke poster. For it was that that made her realise she is ok to lower her own bar of what she finds attractive in a man.

Hence her husband, Richard Accountant who has no interest in music, but went to raves with his mates in the 90s and still talks about it like he's an expert on everything.