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aristide1 wrote:

Art rock, alternative rock and experimental rock genres (with a touch of electronica and space rock) usually describe alienated music for alienated audience.
It's a surprise to me that people with allegedly high musical tastes talk about Radiohead and Muse.

Maybe your children used to listen this music and you empathize with them...

I actually introduced my Daughter to Muse and took her to her first Muse concert in 2007.
I had been following them since their early days, when my daughter was listening to the Spice Girls.
I still like Muse, I think they are a great band.
My Daughter later moved on to Radiohead, and I think I can safely say they are still probably one of her favourite bands to date.
She also moved on from physical releases, and I inherited almost every Radiohead album from her when she left home.
I have listened to them all, many times, and grew to like them a great deal.
This is how discovering music sometimes works, which doesn't surprise me at all.

Coincidentally, she is off with her mum tonight to see.........The Spice Girls.