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aristide1 wrote:

Art rock, alternative rock and experimental rock genres (with a touch of electronica and space rock) usually describe alienated music for alienated audience.
It's a surprise to me that people with allegedly high musical tastes talk about Radiohead and Muse.

Maybe your children used to listen this music and you empathize with them, or you are an amateur musician who feels that your playing is as good if not better than theirs, etc.
Because I can't imagine you actually like this kind of anti-music.

"Anti-music", or more generally "anti-art", has been the go-to slur for the second-rate music critic utterly unable to comprehend what's placed before him since Eduard Hanslick.

The way you use the term alienation strongly suggests that you've heard it somewhere, didn't grasp its meaning quite fully enough, and are now delighted to have the opportunity to use it...only to *just* fail.

But at one point, you actually strike home and say something that, were it not obvious that you didn't mean it that way, would have been truly insightful:

Because I can't imagine you actually like this kind of anti-music.

That's the whole point - you can't imagine it. This has nothing to do with the music (or "anti-music") in question, and everything with your utter inability or refusal to consider anything that falls outside your comfort zone. Although you (knowingly or unknowingly) combined a traditionalist conservative view of music with Marxist social theory, the irony is that you are doing so in the most petty-bourgeois way whilst feigning a kind of enlightened radicalism.

It truly is regrettable that you probably don't understand any of the above.

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