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Miracle. wrote:

. . . . Freddie is arguably the greatest rock male singer ever and the world would agree! (apart from you) who thinks Adam is better.). . .

. . . educate yourself and listen to the late great Freddie Mercury and understand the skill and craft of his voice. . . .

I completely agree with the first comment. But being the greatest "rock male singer" is not what you originally said best singer in the world is a totally different claim snd it's the one you originally made.

"Arguably the greatest. . . " is good, it invites disagreement as no one singer is perfect

The next bit about me educating myself and listening to Freddie, I have for years, but also listened to other singers too which is why my comments are justified and not made from a fan boy prospective.

As regards to Lambert I've never ever said he is better than Freddie. What I have said is that he is more capable of using the full range of his voice because he has 1, probably been taught to sing. 2, has never strained his vocal chords and knows how to look after his voice properly which is something Freddie didn't do. And therefore more able to give a more balanced performance over an entire tour.

Before you accuse me of saying stuff I haven't why don't you go though the history of posts on this site and try quoting from my posts if what you claim is true.