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Day dop wrote:

SweetCaroline wrote:

Adam does not have the same TONE in his voice as Freddie. That is why he does not sound exactly like him. But his voice is powerful and not thin. Tacky? Did you think Freddie was tacky? Harsh and grating? Some people think his voice is too mellow and theatrical and not raw and gritty enough to be rock. Give me a break. Which is it? B & R are glad that he can sing anything they ask him to sing!

Regarding the auto analogy, my son always says that Freddie was like a peppy sports car, a Thunderbird, and Adam is like a smooth Lamborghini!

Doesn't sound exactly like him? Lambert doesn't sound ANYTHING like Freddie Mercury.

And no, it's a thin voice.

Mercury singing Save Me:

Lambert singing Save Me:

Lambert's voice sounds thin, generic and, well... shit. Mercury's voice is wonderful.

And yes, Lambert's voice is harsh and grating. It's not "mellow" at all. It's a headache to listen to, It's not a voice that's powerful enough for rock. It's a cabaret sounding voice.

Brian May thinks collaborating with Dappy was a good idea too. In fact, I could list many things Brian and Roger have done over the last 20 years or so that are at least questionable, and at the most dodgy as fuck! Not sure why you think I'd want to ask his opinion these days.

You are spot on especially with Save me. Lamebutts version sounds like a lounge version with no power at all while Freddie is belting it out with passion and power.