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As the option doesn't work for me, I am posting what I hear (only the "new" / "unheard" lyrics)
Anybody willing to help me out with what Freddie is singing in the falsetto part ?

Seems when I'm asking
Seems just melt away
And I'm one in one
With people on streets

It could be hellhole
But it's not what you think
You can't let them figures
I've got no prayers
(that) take me high, take me higher

People on back bones
People on street

Talk to the lady
Talks and dreams
[can't make out the words sung in falsetto].... people to me

Silent and lonely
Nowhere to run
They don't know people
The kind of people who get things done

You said New York...New York is dangerous,
cause you ain't got what you made."
Even a blind man can see that's not so

Why don't you give yourself that one more chance x3

Cause love's such an old fashioned word
I dare you to care for the people on the
Edge of the street and I dare you
to change your way of caring
about Yourself (the other layer of vocals saying "ourselves")
This is the last chance
This is the last chance
This is ourselves
Under pressure