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EmmanuelC4D wrote:

Well, I think that professionally filmed concerts can be enlarged

No, they can't. You can't turn a 4:3 image to 16:9 without damaging it - you can either crop it, or stretch it, none of these actions can be described as "enlarging". And the fact they were filmed professionally is irrelevant.

to hd quality

I assume you mean HD resolution.

like some of Queen's like Rainbow, Odeon Houston, Earls, etc.

All of them were shot on PAL video (except for Houston). So you want to take the (let's say) 576 lines video, crop the top and the bottom, the you end up with an even smaller rectangle, and then you want to stretch it to 1080 lines? Why?

If they are treated, I want to release this Christmas because a relationship project aspect from 4: 3 to 16: 9, also stabilizing more the video, also adds tools of focus brightness and contrast, and what do you think?
I also plan to release one with the voice without ReDub
I read the answers

The image you posted is way too soft. You ended up with an even less details than you started with. If you think it's worth doing, do it, but I personally don't see the point.