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I would like to add the infamous In The Lap Of The Gods from Hollywood Record's first pressing of SHA, as it does not seem to be a transfer error but a different master. Also, I wonder why the KEWB version of Killer Queen is included in the above list while other 'radio perfomances' of tracks from the same album are not. I am not criticizing. I just suppose that, as with the edits, you had your reasons. By the way, I can send you a copy of the full fanfarre stuff if you like me to.

About Live at Rainbow: I have and old reel of the original 20-minute (?) cinema footage. It has mono audio. Unfortunately, I haven't played it yet as I cannot find the right equipment nor a company to transfer it to DVD without stepping on VHS. Anyway, I wonder if anybody has any info about that edit of the concert.


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