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FriedChicken few days ago in this thread made a valid point:

Because John doesn't list them, it doesn't mean there is no alternate version of those songs. It means John doesn't have an alternate version. Correct me if i'm wrong john..

FriedChicken few days ago in other thread wrote pretty much the same:

I'm sure there's more. Isn't John just listing his personal collection?

Seems like your very important point was completely ignored... Hmmm... I was actually wandering myslef- John, you're stating categorically that Hangman will not appear on the box set- you have the acetate... Was it only ONE Ccopy or maybe you own / know all the copies...? I seem to remember that the last time QP stated that it doesn't exist was some 2-3 years ago, wasn't it? (correct me!) Recently they're not saying ANYTHING about rarities... How the hell do we know they didn't get it from somewhere else...? And- more importantly- are you sure that what is listed here (and in other threads) is absolutely all there is / was...? The same way you have an acetate of Hangman someone else can have an acetate of some other track or some other version and IS willing to donate (or alreday donated ) it to QP? Don't get me wrong John, but... I think I just would like to believe that there's more... How can you be so sure that there isn't...? How do you know that apart from what you have/know there's absolutely nothing else...? Just a question, not attack!!!