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FriedChicken: I do not tend to ignore mails. Any points you made (or need to make) - I thought were answered in the thread below. Also, because of certain other commitments (work, family whatever) there are times when I leave the board for long periods - sometimes days - so it is not always possible to answer with an immediate response.

So here is the thread to the answers of those points:

Fenderek: Let me simply say, NO other "Hangman" acetate exists, and all known evidence points to this. All known collectors and even Queen productions themselves say this. Therefore in my opinion it will NOT be in the boxsets - because I am NOT willing to share this with QP.

brianburnsdavid: The problem with a hypothetical question, is that it can only be resolved with a hypothetical answer. As both question and answer are worthless, on what can we build a solid case?

Therefore the hypothetical situation: "what if someone else were to find an other acetate, could QP use that one instead? Then hypothetically the answer could be "yes".

However, this line of reasoning, (I think) is based more in hope than reality, as it fails to take account of the fact that these discs are very fragile, deteroiate with playing and finally that at most, only 3 or 4 would have been cut, so chances of a release must be millions to one. (Then again, Brian May does own an acetate of the De Lane Lea sessions - but in the absence of any further info, I believe the above to be true).

I hope that clears things up a little for you!

The most important bit of info for me though is, whatever happened to the version on the master tapes? It is possible it was never recorded, but if an acetate was cut - why was it not on tape too?

Bohardy: When I wrote "THESE acetates were traded on the open market 20 years ago" I did not mean that plural "Hangman" discs existed. If read in the context of the thread - I meant that "THESE FOUR" Trident One-sided 10" acetates: Hangman, Rock 'n roll (Jailhouse Rock), Jesus and Keep Yourself Alive - were all bought as a set (not traded) about 20/5 years ago, and by "open" market I mean outside QP. That is "these four acetates" became publically available. So in context "plural" or "these" does not mean more than one "Hangman".


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