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Serry: Happiness live at Maurizio Costanzo Show, TV (23/01/1995) - What country was this from?

Nazis 1994 Schindler's Mix - Extended Vocal Up from 12" acetate. Though it's the same as Schindler's Mix Extended. (That's why I have not included this - as if you own one - you own the other).

Two Sharp Pencils: "Old Friends" VIVA special video was just footage from a live performance in Cologne...".

Essentially this is correct, but there was also other parts that featured bits from Freddie, The Great Pretender video, and other clips of Freddie & Roger, but the main thing, it was cut in a way to fit the track to make it a very emotional promo type video.

"Should the Cross version of Mr. Murdoch be included here as well as Queen´s Freedom Train?"

Queen's version of Freedom Train IS infact mentioned. The Cross' Mr Murdoch, as yet, (in spite of rumours) it has not been demonstrated that a full version exists. However, if it can be proven that it does exist, then ofcourse, I would be happy to include it.

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