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A Kind of Magic by Queen

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Released on June 02, 1986
Cat. No: EU 3509/CDP7 4627 2 (UK) HR 61152 (USA)
Release Date: 2 June 1986 (UK) 3 June 1986 (USA)
Produced By: Queen, Mack and David Richards
Engineered By: Mack and David Richards
Assist. Eng: Croydon
Recorded At: Musicland, Mountain and Townhouse
When: November 1985 - April 1986
Guest Musicians: Spike Edney, extra keyboards; Steve Gregory, saxophone on One Year Of Love; National Philharmonic Orchestra, on Who Wants To Live Forever; Joan Armatrading, incidental vocals Don’t Lose Your Head.
Cover Concept: Queen and Richard Gray
Highest Chart Pos: 1 (UK) 46 (USA)
Weeks On Chart: 63 (UK) 13 (USA)
Award Status: Double Platinum (UK)
NOTE: CD had ‘extra Magical ingredients’ which were A Kind Of Magic (Taylor), Friends Will Be Friends (Mercury/Deacon), Forever (May). Hollywood Records remastered 1991 release bonus tracks: Forever. 12" One Vision (Extended Version)