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Flash Gordon by Queen

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Released on December 08, 1980
Whereas typically, the band had a full credit for production of the album, along with a co-producer, Flash Gordon had only Brian May credited as the producer.  Perhaps the rest of the band lost interest....

Cat. No: EMC 3351/CPD7 46214 2 (UK) HR 61203 (USA)
Release Date: 8 Dec 1980 (UK) 27 Jan 1981 (USA)
Produced By: May and Mack.
Executive Producers: Queen
Engineered By: Anvil
When: October - November 1980
Cover Concept: Freddie Mercury
Highest Chart Pos: 10 (UK) 23 (USA)
Weeks On Chart: 15 (UK) 13 (USA)
Award Status: Gold (UK and USA)
Hollywood Records remastered 1991 release bonus tracks: Flash’s Theme (1991 Remix)