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Hot Space by Queen

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Released on May 21, 1982
This album seemingly tried to capitlize on the success of "Another one bites the Dust", by adding a "disco" or "Black/funk" feel to some of the songs.  It would be fair to say though, that this direction, wasn't as warmly received by Queen fans as other Queen albums. 

Whilst it may not be the "quintessential" Queen album, it would be wrong to overlook some of the many great songs on the album.  In particular, Freddie's "Life is Real", a dedication to John Lennon.  "Staying Power" is also another strong track.  "Body Language" and "Backchat" though may be looked upon less favorably....

There is an unreleased version of "Cool Cat" featuring David Bowie on vocals.

Under Pressure went to number 1 in many territories. It was the result of an improptu session, when David Bowie visited the band whilst they were recording in Montreux.

Whilst Queen added the song to their live set pretty much straight-away, David Bowie took many years to (seemingly) appreciate the song.  Originally, he was quoted as saying that the song stood up better as a "demo", rather than a full fledged song.

From 1995 the song became a mainstay to David Bowie's live sets, and often one of the high lights of the show.  The Freddie Mercury vocal was sung by his bass player, Gail Anne Dawsey, who is a huge Queen fan.

Cat. No: EMA 797/CDP7 46215 2 (UK) HR 61038 (USA)
Release Date: 21 May 1982 (UK) 25 May 1982 (USA)
Produced By: Queen and Mack, except * (Queen/Bowie)
Engineered By: Mack and David Richards
Recorded At: Mountain and Musicland
When: September 1981 - March 1982
Guest Musicians: Arif Mardin - horns on Staying Power
Cover Concept: Freddie Mercury
Highest Chart Pos: 4 (UK) 22 (USA)
Weeks on Chart: 19 (UK) 21 (USA)
Award Status: Gold (UK and USA)
Hollywood Records remastered 1991 release bonus tracks: Body Language (1991 remix)