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Innuendo by Queen

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Released on February 04, 1991
All tracks composed by Queen, except "All God's People" that was written by Queen and Mike Moran.  The song began life as a Freddie solo song during the Barcelona sessions.

In place of a "tour" Brian went to many different radio stations in the US and "plugged" his guitar in live and played.

Cat. No: PCSD 115/XDP7 95887 2 (UK) HR 61020 (USA)
Release Date: 4 Feb 1991 (UK) 5 Feb 1991 (USA)
Produced By: Queen and David Richards
Engineered By: David Richards. Asst. Engs.: Noel Harris and Justin Shirley-Smith
Recorded At: Metropolis and Mountain
When: March 1989 - November 1990
Guest Musicians: Mike Moran, keyboards on All God’s People; Steve Howe, wandering minstrel Spanish guitar on Innuendo
Cover Concept: Queen and Richard Gray
Highest Chart Pos: 1 (UK) 30 (USA)
Weeks on Chart: 37 (UK) (USA)
Award Status: Platinum (UK) Gold (USA)
NOTE: Vinyl had edited versions of I’m Going Slightly Mad, Don’t Try So Hard, The Hitman and Bijou.

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