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Live Killers by Queen

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Released on January 01, 1979
Roger is on the record as saying that he is not happy with this album.  Particularly, the "sound" production of the recordings.  However, most Queen fans believe this is the best record of Queen as a live act.

Cat. No: EMSP 330/CDP7 46211 8 (UK) HR 61066 (USA)
Release Date: 22 June 1979 (UK) 26 1979 (USA)
Produced By: Queen
Engineered By: John Etchells assisted by David Richards
Recorded At: Various Venues, European Tour
When: January - March 1979
Cover Concept: Queen
Highest Chart Pos: 3 (UK) 16 (USA)
Weeks On Chart: 27 (UK) 14 (USA)
Award Status: Gold (UK and USA)
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