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News of the World by Queen

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Released on January 01, 1977
The album was produced by Queen, without a co-producer, but ably assisted by Mike Stone.

Cat. No: EMA 784/CDP7 46209 2 (UK) HR 61037 (USA)
Release Date: 28 Oct 1977 (UK) 1 Nov 1977 (USA)

Engineered By: Mike Stone
Recorded At: Basing Street, Wessex
When: July - September 1977

Highest Chart Pos: 4 (UK) 3 (USA)
Weeks On Chart: 20 (UK) 36 (USA)

Award Status: Gold (UK) Platinum (USA)

Hollywood Records remastered 1991 release bonus tracks: We Will Rock You (1991 Remix)

Cover Concept: Roger Taylor inspired by a original image by Frank Kelly Freas. Frank Kelly Freas is perhaps the most popular or well-known science fiction artists.  The band approached Freas to modify the original drawing to include them, to feature as the album cover.