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The Game by Queen

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Released on June 30, 1980
The album was originally going to be called "Play the Game", but Roger disliked the connotations of going along with the "establishment", so they simply shortened it.

Cat. No: EMA 795/CDP7
Release Date: 30 June 1980 (UK) 30 June 1980 (USA)
Produced By: Queen and Mack
Engineered By: Mack
Recorded At: Musicland
When: June - July 1979 and Feb - May 1980
Cover Concept: Queen
Highest Chart Pos: (UK) 1 (USA)
Weeks On Chart: 18 (UK) 43 (USA)
Award Status: Gold (UK) Platinum (USA)
Hollywood Records remastered 1991 release bonus tracks: Dragon Attack (1991 remix)
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