News > 12th Queenparty in Holland to come on March 24th

Added on 11-Mar-2007

IF you're a Queenfan, and live nearby the Dutch border in Belgium or Germany, or in Holland, you should come!!!AT or: you'll find what you need to know about this still growing grand Queen-event. As the Dutch Queen fanclub has officially announced in October, that here will not be anymore Queen fanclub days as we're used to, the Queenparty is the best of alternatives to go to. Starting off in september 1995, it still is a growing event. This year, for the 12th time, there will be a market with Queen-specialties, A really beautiful Queen-cake, and pieces will be sold for charity. An auction of memorabilia and signed stuff. This years auction has an original Peter Straker autograph, specially signed to the Queenparty!

There will be live music and the day will start at 14:00 untill midnight and beyond. PLease feel free to look at the site, and come to this event!

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