News > 1980s voted as the ?coolest? decade in past 50 years

Added on 06-Sep-2008

London, Sept 6: Britons have voted the 1980s ? the era dominated by mullet haircuts and shoulder pads ? as the coolest decade in the past 50 years.

The new survey by an online sweets firm ?A Quarter Of...? has revealed that a third of people were at their happiest in the 80s and thought that life was better and simpler at the time.

Live Aid concert in 1985 was what made the eighties so popular, followed by Queen and frontman Freddie Mercury, ITV satire Spitting Image and the Rubik?s Cube, reports the Daily Star.

The top 10 things that made 80s the coolest decade are:

1. Live Aid

2. Rubik?s Cube

3. Pac-Man

4. Filofax

5. Dirty Dancing

6. The Goonies

7. Penny mix

8. Grange Hill

9. Dayglo

10. Spitting Image (ANI)

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