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2 Mojo Special Limited Editions Honoring Both Queen & Freddie MercuryIn the United States there are--2--Mojo Special Limited Editions, 1 Honoring Queen, 1 Honoring Freddie Mercury.

The 1st is called Mojo Special Limited Edition-"Icons", which includes music icons John Lennon, Bono, Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, etc. and...The Legendary Freddie Mercury pages 94-97, entitled "A Kind Of Magic"-"Bringing high camp and regal splendour to the masses, Freddie Mercury was Queen's jewel in the crown." It's a concise but wonderful Biography & Transcendent Tribute to Freddie, the man, the musician, his music, the showman, the illuminating personality, the timeless legend, his pantheon performance with Queen at Live Aid,--with photos, and quotes from Bob Geldof & such. It's one of the most stunning tributes ever done to and truly honors Freddie.

The 2nd is called Mojo Special Limited Edition-"The Greatest Classic Rock Albums Ever" featuring Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Metallica, etc. &....Queen pages 138-146. Pages 138-145 features an Interview/article with the entire band discussing their 1977 Tour and their career with a quote at the end from Roger Taylor that is adorable & priceless! (the hole quote!), page 142 features "The Essential Album-The Making Of A Night At The Opera", pages 141 & 143 feature an Interview/Article with Freddie & Roger covering the Budapest, Hungary leg of Their Magic Tour in 1986, and page 146 has a stunning end tribute photo to the magazine & (Queen & Freddie) with Freddie in all his majesty holding his crown stating "Thank You & Goodnight". --Also on page 84 is a cool quiz about all the music artists in this issue but look for these questions on Queen: questions #1 (Which subjects did Queen's members study at college?), #4 Trick Question-Guess/match different bands to their original band names-of course Queen with Smile, & #16 Which drummer (Roger Taylor) released/match to which album?-"Fun In Space".

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