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Added on 22-Jan-2009

The 20th Italian Queen Convention will take place, for the very first time, in Naples this Friday, 23rd January.The venue is called “Casa della Musica Federico Primo” ( – inside the Palapartenope Theatre) and we are expecting to have about 2000 fans to celebrate Queen. Particularly this time we’ll look at the “Live Killers” and “The Miracle” anniversary with videos and rarities from that period. The live concert will be held by the Italian cover band Killer Queen. Inside the venue you’ll find also some official merchandise at the fan club stand.In cooperation with ( ) and Radio Kemonia we are delighted to announce that the concert will be broadcasted via live streaming starting around 21,30 (CET) at www.radiokemonia.itFor further information check out our website


Submitted by: Queenzone Ghost

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