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Added on 14-Sep-2005

The Second Russian Queen Convention took place on 10th September in RJ-Club Premium. It was launched by QueenRocks Fan Club, as well as the First Convention. The live performance by Double Martyn, Moscow Rock City and the vocalists of The Bohemians lasted till 2 am. In spite of some tiny troubles, we can say that the event was successful. There's a lot to learn, to improve.

The performance was video and audio recorded and soon CD and DVD will be realized, please check the web-site for further information. Now you can order DVD or CD of the First Convention including the performance of The Bohemians held on the 2nd July this year. (Please contact

Set list of the concert section on the Second Russian Queen Convention:

Double Martyn:

1. Innuendo

2. I'm In Love With My Car

3. '39

4. Too Much Love Will Kill You

5. Need You Loving Tonight

6. Was It All Worth It

7. Who Will Save The World (by Double Martyn)

8. Animals (by Double Martyn)

9. Bad Guy (by Double Martyn)

Moscow Rock City:

1. You're My Best Friend

2. Dear Friends

3. '39

4. Sheer Heart Attack

5. Spread Your Wings

6. Fat Bottomed Girls

7. Save Me

Singers of The Bohemians + Moscow Rock City:

1. Tie Your Mother Down

2. Hammer To Fall

3. I Want To Break Free

4. Bohemian Rhapsody

5. Radio Ga Ga

6. We Will Rock You

7. We Are The Champions

8. One Vision

9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

10. Somebody To Love

11. Smoke On the Water

12. Child In Time

Singers of The Bohemians + Double Martyn:

13. Spread Your Wings

14. Under Pressure

15. Play The Game

16. Another One Bites The Dust

17. Love Of My Life

18. I Want It All

19. No-One But You

20. Another Brick In The Wall part 2


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