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Added on 15-Aug-2008

3. Even without Freddie Mercury, Queen recording a new album with Paul Rodgers will be a huge success.

Dan Halen: FICTION - Don't get me wrong, I think it will be semi-successful, especially overseas, where both Queen and Paul Rodgers have always had a stronghold, but huge? No. The live set they did a few years ago only hit 84th in the Billboard Top 200 chart and that was after nothing under the Queen brand had been out in years. While Rodgers brings the Free/Bad Company legacy with him and is an excellent singer, his style, for the most part, has never blended well with the older Queen material. Some songs he pulls off just fine, but the more theatrical numbers (and come on, those are what Queen is best known for) seem to fall flat with his interpretations. There is a bit of hype pushing the release of this, but advance word indicates a lot of the material sounds closer to Free - and is anyone really clamoring for that? I foresee a tour that will do decent business, especially in Japan, UK and South America, but I don't feel the die-hard fans (myself included) are accepting enough of Paul to make this a huge success.

Blake Lauderback: FICTION - Now let me start by saying that I am a HUGE Queen fan, and I really enjoy the work of Paul Rodgers as well. With that said, I don't like this idea at all. Some bands can pull off the lead singer switch after a tragic end. AC/DC springs to mind. However, to me that scenario worked because Angus Young was as much the face of the band as Bon Scott was. Could Nirvana have gone on without Kurt Cobain? No, and that is most certainly not a shot at the talent of the other two individuals. It is because Kurt was the only person that could have filled that hole (that is a Courtney Love joke waiting to happen on so many levels). So how is it fair to ask Paul Rodgers to step in and fill the shoes of Freddie Mercury, who I (and many others) consider to be the greatest front man of all time? It isn't. When the live album came out a few years back, I rushed out and picked it up immediately, and frankly, it didn't work for me. Again, that is not a knock on the other members of Queen or Rodgers himself, because they are immensely talented still, but Queen isn't Queen sans Mercury. Now, if they went the Velvet Revolver/Audioslave route and played up the fact that the boys from Queen have teamed up to create a supergroup with the powerful Paul Rodgers of Free and Bad Company called *enter band name here,* I would be completely on board. But for now, I would prefer to see them leave the legacy of Queen dead and buried along side their former front man.

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