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Added on 22-Mar-2005

A german newspaper has reviewed the Queen + Paul Rodgers concert.In German language:,tt2m3/kultur/artikel/799/49750/

I ran the text through an internet translator to come up with the following in English:

George, 19 March - 22,48 o'clock: Paul Rodgers attacks. Raus with the others, packs themselves the micro goes, walks into the guitar thunder inside to "Tie your more mother down, tie your more mother down", bleckt the teeth, throws the man-high micro stand into air, whirls it over the head, turns it in the fingers - and already we have first Déjà vu. The man, who stood completely in front 20 years long with the Bombast Rockern of Queen, had a special relationship with the micro stand, used him like a Stripperin the metal seaweeds: to the lasziven or also aggressive, wild dance. But the narcissus Freddie Mercury is years dead since thirteen one half, and instead of its Paul Rodgers with the Queen remainder of Brian May and Roger Taylor stands on the stage. No two minutes are fall past, there him the micro stand after a daring Kapriole from the hand, plumpst on the soil. Paul Rodgers laughs. Skepticism after "bets that?" He knows, in which he got involved there. The message of the Queen comeback, punctually for the prelude of the Queen musical in Cologne in the middle of Decembers with Thomas Gottschalk in "bets that?" from the bag calmly, many fans the skirt volume so successful in the 70ern and 80ern left sceptically: Well, how am I? Paul Rodgers, the successor. Photo: Reuters Queen without Freddie? That is like the Stones without Mick Jagger - as is to go? Others became clearer, spoke in the fan forums of Leichenfledderern and the poor Freddie, which would turn in the grave. After the appearance of Queen + Paul Rodgers with the AIDS Benefiz concert of the Mandela donation in the South African coastal town George, at the same time prelude to a European tour with more than 30 concerts, is safe of one: The fan municipality to remain split. Brian May knows the problem. The exception guitarist, who was allowed to play its completely special version of the national anthem before three years to the 50-jaehrigen throne anniversary of Namensvetterin Queen of the roof of the Buckingham Palace, was and is the brain that volume. Mathematics and physics were its dearest fan, even astronomy it times studied. The desires for a Queen comeback were always unloaded with it - accurately since that 23 November 1991, the day, when Freddie Mercury at AIDS died. A Flehen around Absolution of George Michael over Elton John to Robbie Williams the follow-up speculations were enough. But never became more from it than a few short appearances, usually with Benefiz meetings. One can not replace the phenomenon Freddie evenly, was called it unisono. And now Paul Rodgers, 55, founders of the Blues skirt formations Free and bath company. Its largest hit, "all right now", he had 1970 - there there were not Queen yet at all. Only in the year after were Mercury, May, Taylor (schlagzeug) and John Deacon (bass) to a quartet together, which should provoke the skirt world with its extravaganten style. But the Blues singer, they found, say Paul Rodgers, always mad Roger Taylor now in an interview. In the Sechzigern one after-played it in the Londoner club listened, later from Jux its Songs, was Freddie a large fan. Brian May praises: "Paul has a wonderful voice and much feeling for our music." In order to justify itself immediately thereafter: "it tries in no way to take Freddies place. It is not as at all as Freddie, because it comes from its own place." For a long time waited and nevertheless disappoints: Brian May and Queen 2005. Photo: Reuters On the homepage of the official Queen Fanclubs ( May maintains a diary. It takes itself much time, gets straight that one does not make it naturally because of the money that Rodgers does not belong "to Queen", why the route is called also "Queen

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