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Added on 16-Apr-2001

The commercial for the film is now airing in most U.S markets. It begins with the familiar "stomp, stomp, clap" of "We Will Rock You".

Various scenes of the movie as well as it's new "hunk" star are shown and then, at the very end in big lettering are the words..

"Featuring the song We Are the Champions performed by Robbie Williams + Queen"

Since the song is getting "shown off" in the film's trailer, it looks like Sony/Columbia will be pushing the song heavily in America (we already knew it was being released to radio, then as a single and that a music video is to be filmed.)

This is as big a shot as any for Queen to get some major recognition in the States, let's make sure we support them with sales and radio/MTV requests!

Submitted by: unknown soldier

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