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Added on 16-Feb-2010

From Sail Away Sweet Sister and Who Wants To Live Forever to Brighton Rock and The Prophet's Song, 411’s Alistair McGeorge breaks down his top 15 Queen songs! Check out the full article to see which songs made the list!

Hello, thank you for joining me yet again. I know the last column was going to be the end of my look at Queen, but I've decided to go with this idea mainly because of time constraints. Without boring readers for too long, basically I produced a comedy sketch show at university, which just finished on Friday and really stole a lot of my time so...your teacher this week is very stressed and pushed for time. So, I apologize for a column of this kind rather than a full lesson, but STOP!

It's banner time.

With that said, we're onto this week's column, looking at my Top 15 Queen Songs. To make this more than just my 15 favorites, I've forced myself to pick one song from each album, and I'll be going through that list as my Top 15, all the way to Number 1. I just thought this would make it more interesting than a general Top 15, which wouldn't represent every album. Just to reiterate, the list is in order of how much I like the songs, with one song from each of Queen's 15 studio albums. It's not in the order of how much I like each album.

Also: This is my own opinion. I know tracks like "Bohemian Rhapsody", "I Want To Break Free" and "We Are The Champions" (to name a few) deserve a place here, but there are songs I like much more, hence their inclusion in the final list.

With that said, let's kick things off…

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