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Added on 15-Jun-2007

Yes, now it's confirmed: Mondadori will publish Freddie's "A Life In His Own Words" in ItalyThanks to the wide effort of the italian Queen fans community , I can now proudly confirm that Mondadori (the most important italian editor) has just confirmed to me, in person, that they purchased copyrights of the book by Greg Brooks and Simon Lupton: "Freddie Mercury, A Life In His Own Words".

So, the book will be published in Italy, this is sure, but there isn't any exact release date at the moment.

Our community is involved in this project 'cause we translated the book into italian last year and we contacted Mondadori for a possible use of our work.

Now Mondadori has just purchased the rights and asked me for a meeting to discuss about our translation (so, at the moment, no confirmation about our translation).

But... In any case... The book will be published!

Italy still rocks ;)




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