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Added on 14-Jul-2012

Tonight Adam Lambert will be wrapping up his mini-concert tour with Queen in Europe and yesterday Brian May reflected on their journey so far. He had wonderful things to say about Adam, as well as how the band has progressed with this new gig. Brian stated on his website:

"The band, as it is now, seems suddenly to have switched into a highergear - more confident, having more fun ... and stepping into new territory ... an amazing thought at this stage in our lives and in our careers ... to be honest, I would never have thought it possible before this journey with Adam Lambert began."

Many diehard Queen fans were not pleased when it was first announced that Adam Lambert would join the band for these concerts. They felt that he was trying to step into Freddie Mercury's shoes. Of course no one can take the place of Freddie Mercury, and that was not the plan for either Adam or Queen. However, they have developed a special connection nonetheless. As Brian stated, "Adam has his own style and path, and there was never any intention that he would be 'another Freddie" - but there are many parallels, in the mechanisms which we've already developed - coming together as an organic band."

Those who have been in attendance at the Queen shows with Adam have given its stellar reviews. Queen is also asking fans to weigh in on their Facebook page. Have you been to any of the shows? If so, what did you think?

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